Como and Bellagio

Beverly and I just returned from Como and Bellagio, Italy.

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I’m at work, so I don’t have a lot of time to write about the experience, so I’ll summarize in one word: wow.

Here are some pics…

UPDATE: I have to say, there’s nothing like authentic Italian pizza. I lived on it while I was there. Beverly was kind enough to share some of her Caprese salad once, and I had a delicious local grilled trout dish… otherwise, it was all pizza all the time.

The difference between the Swiss and the Italians is not just a stereotype. Even on the train ride to Como, it was easy to identify the Italians by their boisterous voices and loud give-and-take. It kind of reminded us of dinner at Liz’s house. Liz, there was even singing in the restaurant car… are you sure you still want to visit?

On Friday night, the skies opened up, and central Europe was being hammered with pretty intense rain, thunder, and lightening. Through the train windows, we could see that the rivers and waterfalls were pumping. We had fun “armchair rafting” our way through the rapids, which I’m sure were class IV or V at that flow. On the way back, though, the skies were clear and I don’t think even a kayak would have made it through.

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  • Susan Jacobs wrote:

    Ethan loves the pics and cant wait to see all that beauty!! If he’s on a train with any italians, he’ll feel right at home!! (Some people way we’re a little loud)