Advice for the North Island?

It’s a long way off, and we just got to Switzerland, but I want to be sure that we’re well prepared for New Zealand. Any ideas for a quick trip to the North Island?

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  • Rob Henderson wrote:

    Go with really Cool people!

    Hey, I was looking for a place to send a message through, it looks like you are maintaining this site well. I am flying to NZ this morning for work and some recce (Oz for recon). Are we committed to staying on North Island, or is that just best for timing?

    It looks like you guys are having a blast – Bev are you holding your nose jumping off that bridge?

    We have been ‘Talking about’ laying down some plans for NZ, Nina has been out of commission with kidney stones.

    Basis for now is:
    1. Arrive Auckland and get a camper van, augmented by outdoor camping eqpt. We can end each day in a spectacular area for camping.
    2. We can head North to top of Island, diving and some unique ecosystems.
    3. Central South is Rotorua volcano, with some ‘sites’ around there that are good (and some touristy).

    Must go for now, i will be fleshing out these plans over the next weeks so chime in with your ‘must-see/do’.

    Much love, Rob