The Omnibus Post

Was our last post really back in Nebraska?  Wow, a lot has happened since then!

  • Arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Settled in with Marni, Scott, Arend, and Aidan in their beautiful new home
  • Met Gregg and Liz at the GR airport late on Friday night
  • Got married on Saturday
  • Visited Frederik Meijer Gardens (what a gem!)
  • Said goodbye to the Holtzmans, Vyns, and to Cosmo for the next few months
  • Presented Opencast Matterhorn at the Sakai conference in Boston
  • Hung out with Rosie in Boston (soon to be Rosie in SF!)
  • Arrived in Zurich (thanks Tobias for meeting us at the flughafen!)

Each of these deserve their own post, and I’m sorry to say that we’ve been falling down on the job.  Beverly has been fully briefed on posting to the blog, so our faithful readers can expect an increase our posting velocity.

I’m looking forward to my first day at ETH Zurich tomorrow (today, actually… it’s 2am already!), and Beverly will be exploring the lake and looking for cheap get-aways for this weekend.

One Comment

  • Susan Jacobs wrote:

    I hope you had somebody nice to eat lunch with on your first day (preferably somebody who speaks english!)