Prague – Tourista capital of the world (for good reasons)

We just got back from Prague today and a few words of advice to anyone thinking of going for a visit – go in the fall after the tourists (meaning us) are gone. The low cost hotels, food and transportation make Prague a great vacation for Europeans and North Americans alike.  The main sites were crowded .  We’re talking Disney World crowded.  But amazingly, everyone was happy and civilized, and we managed to enjoy our stay regardless.

Prague is a city of mixed cultures and eras. There are castles and palaces from the 9th century and there are mid-Century Soviet-style buildings mixed in between. The older buildings are adorned with statues of Saints, cherubs or leaders from the past. The Soviet buildings are as expected – square and big with little to no decoration.

The visit to the Prague Castle alone was worth having to contend with throngs of fellow visitors.  It would take many visits to see and appreciate all eleven centuries of art, history and architecture. Here are just a few pictures that barely capture the spectacle of the ancient walled city and its centerpiece, St Vitus Cathedral.

Who knew that the Czech Republic was famous for its beer? We conducted our own small taste test and agree that the beer in Prague is very good. Budweiser is the original beer of Bohemia and shares little resemblance to the American beer of the same name.  Try as we might, the locals didn’t catch on to the

Random Czech Dude-> “er?”

game.  Even better than “original bud” was another local brew, Pilsner Urquell. Yum.

As a transition from low- to high-brow, our grand finale was a pair of box tickets for La Traviata at the State Opera House. No fat lady singing, but a cute one dying and a moving performance just the same. The two tickets to sit in the first tier loge were only $60. That was the deal of the day!  Either that or the 30kc (less than two dollars) gellato waffle cones.

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