It has already been a month!

Wow! A month! Here are a few of my general day-in-the-life observations after one short month in Zürich, Switzerland:

First of all, dogs are every where, including restaurants. They travel in planes, trains and trams.  We saw a cute one taking a cool bath in a water fountain just up the street from our home. Seeing all these dogs makes us miss Cosmo more than ever.

Speaking of water fountains- they too are every where. I will not bore you with the many, many pictures I have taken of them, here are just a few.  Some are beautiful and some are more utilitarian. Regardless, the water is clean and we never have to buy bottles of water except…

In restaurants- “gas or flat?” is the question asked by wait staff. Europeans do not serve tap at meals. Gas or flat, the water costs more than beer or wine… so I am drinking a lot more wine – kidding!

The US has an over abundance of of lawyers and in Switzerland it is hair salons. Within a four block radius of our house there are 15 hair salons. I am not exaggerating. I got my hair cut by Carmela from Firenza salon. Why did I pick that salon you ask…their door was open when Ethan and I walked by one day. I will go back before we leave, she did a great job if I don’t say so myself.

My final observation for now- I have yet to see a poor, homeless or “down-in-their-luck” person since we have been here. People seem to be doing well. They look healthy, dress nicely and obviously, most importantly, their hair looks fabulous!

I love it here. People have been great and it is so easy to get around to see all that there is to see- which is a lot!

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