Bike trip to Rapperswil

Saturday we rode to Rapperswil on our “free for tourists” bikes. The city of Zurich wants their tourists to be see as much of their lovely city as possible, so they let people borrow a bike for the day…how great is that?! It was an easy, flat 20 miles each way. The route is along Lake Zurich through small towns complete with vineyards, churches and mountain views.

Once we got to Rapperswill we walked among the castle and churches on the hilltop. The clouds cleared up for amazing views of the city and lake. Below the castle is a monastery, rose gardens, outdoor cafes and the ferry back to Zurich. Of course you can see that we are eating healthy- giant pretzels cut in half and stuffed with cheese and salami. Hey, we burned the calories off on the return tip!

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