Monthly Archives: July 2011

Long Beach Revisted

Lot and lots of pictures, but no way to describe what a remarkable trip this was for us. Ahhh, memories of sand in every nook and cranny. We lucked out, the weather was warm and sunny. Sun, surf and sand.
I sprinkled Marion’s ashes into the sea near where we had camped as a family so many years ago. It was a very special moment and I am so glad we made the trip to honor her in that way. She would be thrilled to know that A) part of her is on permanent holiday in Long Beach and that B) Josh and Cosmo loved Long Beach as much as she did.

Sooke Harbour

Josh gets all arsty with the new camera on this little beach on the west side of Vancouver Island.

Victoria, B.C.’s Capital

The beauty of British Columbia’s capital city Victoria, named after the once Queen is a tourist’s delight. This is where Josh got his first taste of Nanaimo Bars and he is now hooked for life. FYI-The whale in the picture is made entirely from plants.

A rose by any other name…

Butchart Gardens has lots of roses and lots of everything green, growing and gorgeous. The garden is over 100 years old and is one of Canada’s national treasures (other than Beverly of course).

Lynn Canyon Hike

The day after we did the heart stopping Grouse Grind we took a nice, relaxing walk in a rain forest in North Vancouver with my sister, Lise. It was beautiful, but the highlight of the walk, Leo, the Saint Bernard.