Monthly Archives: February 2011

Traffic Jams- Venice Style

Our last visitors to Switzerland were Elaine and Brian. We enjoyed the highlights of Switzerland together and at the end of their stay, we took five trains (ahhh…the efficiency of Italian trains) to see Venice, Italy. Of course we knew it would be great, but even with such high expectations, we were amazed at the old city’s beauty. Josh acted as navigator and we managed to see many of the well known sights as portrayed in this short video.

Rascal Deutsch

Our friends, Steve and Damon, visited us for a week in February. Damon, aka Rascal, had lived in Hamburg, Germany years ago. He was surprised at how much of his German came back to him. What he lacked in grammar, he made up in charm.
We did our version of the “Ice Capades” while skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland. Icy slopes and a hotel of ice all on one mountain. The hotel had sculptures carved right out of the walls. There was a bar, dining room and sleeping rooms. The rooms were complete with WC and sheep skin bed sheets. Talk about a cold start to the morning.