Monthly Archives: November 2010

First Thanksgiving and first snow in Switzerland

Our friends, Sophie and Stuart, traveled from Sicily to join us for an All-American Thanksgiving and together we enjoyed the first snow of the season. Cosmo was in heaven- turkey and snowballs all in one day!

A Fairytale City

Stein am Rhein is an old city near the German border in Switzerland, situated (you guessed it!) on the Rhein river. It looks about as close to a fairytale as we could imagine.

Grosser Mythen

Hiking in the fog and snow or the “Grauschleier und Schnee” as one says in German. This rock is near one of our favorite towns in Switzerland- Schwyz. Walking, walking, walking up into the clouds, then the snow and then the ice. At the top we could see forever and as with every mountain top in Switzerland, espresso is served in a cozy cafe. Very civilized.

Who knew turnips could be so beautiful?

In November, we attended a festival called the Räbechilbi, which is a traditional fall festival in Switzerland. People carve turnips (Rübe) similar to how we carve pumpkins, (more scratching the skin away instead of cutting out openings). There was a procession of children carrying the Rübe as well as large parade of floats constructed with the illuminated Rübe lanterns. The town turned off all of the street lights and between the candle lit Rübe and the food and wine, it was a fun and magical evening.