Monthly Archives: October 2010

Felix Unger would love it here!

Organization and order is the rule of the day. This is one family’s newspaper recycling for the month and every other household folds, stacks and bundles their old newspapers in exactly this same way. It is truly an example of the art and science of Swiss tidiness. Beverly, obviously, loves it here. New ways to clean and organize, what else could you want?


Every time we discover a new part of Switzerland, we declare “this is the most beautiful place we’ve seen!”. Our hike from Walenstadtberg to Weesen, along Walensee was no different. We stopped for lunch at a waterfall, bought some home-made jam in Quinten, a Medieval town halfway down the lake, and enjoyed a 9 CHF (roughly $9) bottle of mineral water at a restaurant / cow pasture. Cosmo loved cooling off during the 16 kilometer hike. He was a real trooper. After a few more hikes like this, we should all be in ski-season shape. The mountains have already seen their first dusting of snow.