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Thanks to my colleague Thomy’s suggestion, Beverly and I ventured to Muotathal for the annual Alps cheese festival. Families from the area gather to sell their wares (mostly cheeses, crafts, and baked goods), compete in “timber sports”, and play traditional music, including alp horns and accordions. Josh kept shouting “more cowbell” but it must not have translated into Swiss German. Fortunately, the cows surrounding the festival added plenty of impromptu cowbell to the music.


A dream come true (though not the George Clooney dream)

Ever since we arrived in Switzerland, Beverly has been trying to get close enough to hug a cow. Some of us want to be win the lottery, others want to appear on a reality TV show… Beverly wants to hug a cow. Different strokes.

Please ignore the fact that Beverly had to jump into a pen to obtain this goal. Please also ignore the fact that the only other people jumping into the pen are children. Also, please don’t tell Beverly that cows don’t eat straw, they sleep and poop on it. Beverly will be accepting cards, calls, and letters congratulating her on her achievement, but please, don’t go overboard.

Pfäffikon to Schmerikon

Poor Cosmo. We practically had to drag him the last hour of our 16 kilometer walk from Pfäffikon to Schmerikon. The weather and scenery were beautiful, the conversation riveting, and the dog, well, he couldn’t care less. After all, there were cats to chase, balls to catch, and swans to avoid (those things are big and mean!).


Ich bin ein Berliner

Quick history lesson in case “Ich bin ein Berliner” doesn’t ring a bell. This is a famous quotation from a June 26, 1963 speech by John F. Kennedy in West Berlin. By declaring “I am a citizen of Berlin” Kennedy was expressing solidarity with West Berlin, which was surrounded by communist East Germany. Since the Berlin wall fell in 1989, the city has been reunited (and it feels so good). Anyhow… the city has really transformed in the past 20 years. The mixture of modern and Soviet inspired architecture makes for a very interesting and complex city. We loved it!

To Einsiedeln and Back

Up and over the mountain from Pfäffikon is a small town called Einsiedeln. The hike was amazing. Cosmo kept up and slept on the train ride home. The town is home of an ancient Abbey complete with horse stables, schools and monastery.

Country Fair- Swiss Style

I guess the Swiss have more in common with us Americans than we thought. Who can resist an autumn country fair, complete with junk food, farm animals and carnival rides? What was the best part of the day you ask-well, we’ll tell you- the “Rennschwein” or the pig races. The prize must have been a free pass from the bacon factory, because those little piggies can “run wee, wee, wee, all the way home” pretty darn fast! Stay tuned for video…

Mother of All Gnomabilia

The Ultimate in Gnome Kitch. Gnomes are in many, many Swiss gardens, yards, doorways etc.  Just gotta love it.

Shelter Cove

Our good buddy Damon at Rascal’s Travel and More took us on a trip up North to Shelter Cove in his Cessna 170 195, “Clyde”. It was a beautiful day, and although some of us were a little frightened by the turbulence (*cough* Buster and Sexy Exy), we managed to have a great time!


Winters in Zurich are typically wet and foggy. But every once in a while, a weather pattern known as föhn clears the skies and provides views clear across the country. This is a view of the Eastern Alps from Thalwil. Once over the ridge, we could also see the famed Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland.

Lost in Translation?

What were the “Mad Men” of Switzerland thinking when they came up with this product name? Maybe they were on “crack”.