Monthly Archives: November 2009

New Zealand’s North Island

With only a week to explore New Zealand, we focused on just seeing the norther half of the North island.  The blue water and tropical, volcanic mountains looked very much like Kauai, which is a big compliment.  Now that we know how much there is to see in NZ, it’s time to start planning our next trip!


We decided to spend our our last weekend in Europe soaking in the hot baths of Budapest.  We loved this city more than we could have imagined.  Beautiful, fascinating, and relaxing, all at once.

Liz conquers her fear of heights

While hiking on the flanks of Mt. Pilatus, a beautiful mountain just outside of Lucerne, Liz slipped, fell, and somehow shattered her tibia in the process.  We were fortunate to run into some very generous mountain bikers, who helped us call for help.  The pictures do a better job of telling the story than I ever could.

Liz was such a trooper — she stayed calm, cool, and collected throughout the ordeal, and let us know what worked and didn’t work as we help to move her to a clearing where the helicopter could see us.  Two months later, she is still on crutches, but her bones and ligaments are on their way to full strength again.  What do you say, Liz, same time and place next summer? ;)


We’ve been negligent in posting pictures from the last half of our 2009 European Adventure, but now that it’s the Thanksgiving weekend, we figure there’s no excuse.  Here’s the first in a series of belated photo montages: Vienna, home of the world’s best pastries!

Halloween 2009

We spent Halloween with Aaron and Kate at Kate’s parent place.  You know it’s a party when someone breaks out the mullet wig.

Organizing meals for the New Year’s 2010 weekend

We want everybody to participate in making New Year’s 2010 a great weekend.  If you are planning on attending, please sign up to handle one of the meals (or a part of one of the meals) listed on the planning site:

We will keep a running tally of the total number of people, so you can decide how many boxes of wine to bring, or how many buckets of KFC to order.

Current RSVPs: 20