Haute Route 2014

Zinal to Zermatt then onto Zürich

We end our trip with towns that start with Z.

We lucked out with sun, sun, sun and a short day of on and off sprinkles on our day hike in Zermatt.

Good to be back in Zermatt. The town seems so big compared to all the other villages (or single huts) we stayed in along the way.

After two day in Zermatt we went to Zürich to stay with Daniel, our friend from language school. We toured all our hot spots in Zürich, bought all our favorite candy and chocolates, ate at the wiener stand, got ice cream at Mövenpick and saw Tobias and his growing family. A great end to a great trip.

One of the Best Hikes of the Trip – Cabane de Moiry to Zinal

A long hike contouring the mountain with a view of the lake and crazy-assed para-sailors. More up and down the mountain to Zinal. We stayed a Hotel de la Post. Great little town with amazing skiing and hiking. Two thumbs up.

Les Haudères to the One and Only Cabane de Moiry

Detour to a sporting goods store in Siere due to Beaucoup Marche. Looking for new boots for Beverly, plasters for the blisters and meds for the pain.

Success on all fronts and onward and upward to Cabane de Moiry. A trip highlight for sure. An amazing hike up, up and up. Crazy view of the glacier with a couple mini avalanches and a beautiful cabin to rest our weary heads and feet.

A Little R&R – Arolla to Les Haudères by Bus

Yet another hair raising bus trip. These drivers deserve hazard pay. After our heart rates came down we chilled in the little village of Les Haudères. Darn, another night of Raclette this time serenaded by our host playing the accordion.

Beverly got hiking poles so now Josh is the only person in Switzerland hiking without “sticks”. Let’s hope the sticks help the feet!

Cabane du Plafleuri to Arolla

Another amazing day of sights and sounds. We left the “Horrible Hut” and took a day to hike with a couple Australians and a Brit. We got a little lost, tried to cross a river (reconsidered after pondering death), hiked up a wall of rocks, climbed about 100 feet of ladders, hiked down miles and miles to the best hotel of our stay, The Grand Hotel and Kurhaus. We treated ourselves to a dinner of Raclette, got our laundry done and had a real shower! Heaven on earth! All was good except Beverly’s feet.

The First Cabane – Mont Fort in Verbier

A light day of hiking after a hair raising bus trip then a train then a gondola and then a short two hour hike to Cabane du Mont Forte in Verbier.

The Cabane was on the top of a rock overlooking the valley. From the Cabane we took the high route to Col Termine to Cabane de Prafleuri a.k.a. The Horrible Hut. We saw everything from Ibex to Marmots. A long, tough, scary hike but all the scenery made it worth it!


Climbing Upstream to Champex

A quarter of the way through our hike from Trient to Champex, a man comes running down the trail towards us, then another man, then another. WTF? Turns out that today was a 50 km race through the Alps. Those first hundred guys were flying over rocks, cows and sometimes us! There were literally thousands of spandex wearing, hiking pole wielding runners along the trail for miles and miles. It was amazing to see.

Friday an Ultra Marathon starts and people do parts of the Haute Route starting in Italy going through Switzerland and ending in Mt Blanc. The fastest runner should complete the race in 19 hours. We should run into these runners on Saturday on our way to Zermatt. In the meantime, we are burning up our own trails. A lovely day two.

Premiere Jour/Ersten Tag/First Day

After weeks of rain in Switzerland and weeks of worrying about the rain in Switzerland, we started our first day of hiking under sunny skies.

We made all the train connections, stayed on the right trails and found our hotel! Off to a good start.

What can we say…Die Schweiz is as beautiful as ever and Beverly’s FreDeutschlish is still a mystery to the locals.