European Adventure

Jungfrau Baby

The famous Jungfrau Region- mecca for skiers and lovers of skiers.
Our hotel room in Murren looked out onto a ski jump where we watched as snowboarders risked life and limb to win fame and fortune. We had the best seats in the house.
We skied only one glorious day. Josh went off piste in a big way and he had to hike down a little rocky patch (see picture). Otherwise- great skiing. We loved it.
We explored other towns nearby to “ooh and aww” at the peaks. A must see on our Bucket List” is checked off.

Traffic Jams- Venice Style

Our last visitors to Switzerland were Elaine and Brian. We enjoyed the highlights of Switzerland together and at the end of their stay, we took five trains (ahhh…the efficiency of Italian trains) to see Venice, Italy. Of course we knew it would be great, but even with such high expectations, we were amazed at the old city’s beauty. Josh acted as navigator and we managed to see many of the well known sights as portrayed in this short video.

Rascal Deutsch

Our friends, Steve and Damon, visited us for a week in February. Damon, aka Rascal, had lived in Hamburg, Germany years ago. He was surprised at how much of his German came back to him. What he lacked in grammar, he made up in charm.
We did our version of the “Ice Capades” while skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland. Icy slopes and a hotel of ice all on one mountain. The hotel had sculptures carved right out of the walls. There was a bar, dining room and sleeping rooms. The rooms were complete with WC and sheep skin bed sheets. Talk about a cold start to the morning.

Alps High Holidays

Kate and Aaron visited us in late January for a couple weeks. There were a lot of highlights on the trip, but besides the near death experience with the Disentis back country ski guide, the biggest one was the “Matterhorn Marriage Proposal” and the answer “Yes!” Congratulations Aaron and Kate. Your next staring role in a video will be at your wedding.

First Thanksgiving and first snow in Switzerland

Our friends, Sophie and Stuart, traveled from Sicily to join us for an All-American Thanksgiving and together we enjoyed the first snow of the season. Cosmo was in heaven- turkey and snowballs all in one day!

A Fairytale City

Stein am Rhein is an old city near the German border in Switzerland, situated (you guessed it!) on the Rhein river. It looks about as close to a fairytale as we could imagine.

Grosser Mythen

Hiking in the fog and snow or the “Grauschleier und Schnee” as one says in German. This rock is near one of our favorite towns in Switzerland- Schwyz. Walking, walking, walking up into the clouds, then the snow and then the ice. At the top we could see forever and as with every mountain top in Switzerland, espresso is served in a cozy cafe. Very civilized.

Who knew turnips could be so beautiful?

In November, we attended a festival called the Räbechilbi, which is a traditional fall festival in Switzerland. People carve turnips (Rübe) similar to how we carve pumpkins, (more scratching the skin away instead of cutting out openings). There was a procession of children carrying the Rübe as well as large parade of floats constructed with the illuminated Rübe lanterns. The town turned off all of the street lights and between the candle lit Rübe and the food and wine, it was a fun and magical evening.


Thanks to my colleague Thomy’s suggestion, Beverly and I ventured to Muotathal for the annual Alps cheese festival. Families from the area gather to sell their wares (mostly cheeses, crafts, and baked goods), compete in “timber sports”, and play traditional music, including alp horns and accordions. Josh kept shouting “more cowbell” but it must not have translated into Swiss German. Fortunately, the cows surrounding the festival added plenty of impromptu cowbell to the music.


A dream come true (though not the George Clooney dream)

Ever since we arrived in Switzerland, Beverly has been trying to get close enough to hug a cow. Some of us want to be win the lottery, others want to appear on a reality TV show… Beverly wants to hug a cow. Different strokes.

Please ignore the fact that Beverly had to jump into a pen to obtain this goal. Please also ignore the fact that the only other people jumping into the pen are children. Also, please don’t tell Beverly that cows don’t eat straw, they sleep and poop on it. Beverly will be accepting cards, calls, and letters congratulating her on her achievement, but please, don’t go overboard.