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Who knew turnips could be so beautiful?

In November, we attended a festival called the Räbechilbi, which is a traditional fall festival in Switzerland. People carve turnips (Rübe) similar to how we carve pumpkins, (more scratching the skin away instead of cutting out openings). There was a procession of children carrying the Rübe as well as large parade of floats constructed with […]


Thanks to my colleague Thomy’s suggestion, Beverly and I ventured to Muotathal for the annual Alps cheese festival. Families from the area gather to sell their wares (mostly cheeses, crafts, and baked goods), compete in “timber sports”, and play traditional music, including alp horns and accordions. Josh kept shouting “more cowbell” but it must not […]

To Einsiedeln and Back

Up and over the mountain from Pfäffikon is a small town called Einsiedeln. The hike was amazing. Cosmo kept up and slept on the train ride home. The town is home of an ancient Abbey complete with horse stables, schools and monastery.

Home sweet home away from home

We moved into our home-swap apartment in Zurich today!  It is so nice not having to live out of our suitcases.  Tom really made us feel at home by leaving us a stack of Switzerland and Zurich books and box of (Swiss, of course) chocolates. More than anything (even laundry), we appreciate having a kitchen […]

Bike trip to Rapperswil

Saturday we rode to Rapperswil on our “free for tourists” bikes. The city of Zurich wants their tourists to be see as much of their lovely city as possible, so they let people borrow a bike for the day…how great is that?! It was an easy, flat 20 miles each way. The route is along […]

Trying to sleep, trying to eat

The trip to Zurich was uneventful and seemingly very fast. We are still adjusting to the jet lag…not too well. We wake up at all strange times of the night and cannot get back to sleep. Ethan arrives in a couple of weeks, and I hope his youth will help him rebound more quickly to […]