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Como and Bellagio

Beverly and I just returned from Como and Bellagio, Italy. View Larger Map I’m at work, so I don’t have a lot of time to write about the experience, so I’ll summarize in one word: wow. Here are some pics… UPDATE: I have to say, there’s nothing like authentic Italian pizza. I lived on it […]

Advice for the North Island?

It’s a long way off, and we just got to Switzerland, but I want to be sure that we’re well prepared for New Zealand. Any ideas for a quick trip to the North Island?

Cosmo at Summer Camp

I thought Cosmo would be distraught without me. A faithful servant, lost without his master. Wrong! Cosmo is living the good life in Michigan, with kids to chase him around and a hammock to share with my dad. What could be better?

Wedding Photos: A Preview

We don’t have all of the wedding photos from Jill yet, but I did manage to grab a screenshot of one of Jill’s preview files.  Beverly, Cosmo, and I are on my parents’ neighbors’ dock, with the lake in the background.  It was a beautiful day, and we we all so happy, and I think […]

The Omnibus Post

Was our last post really back in Nebraska?  Wow, a lot has happened since then! Arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan Settled in with Marni, Scott, Arend, and Aidan in their beautiful new home Met Gregg and Liz at the GR airport late on Friday night Got married on Saturday Visited Frederik Meijer Gardens (what a […]

Kearney Nebraska

There is a place, a magical place, that is two-thirds the distance from San Francisco to Grand Rapids.  That place is Kearney Nebraska.  Tonight, we’ve experienced what I can only imagine is a fraction of its wonder.  Too bad we’ll be leaving so soon.

The Adventure Begins!

We’re on our way… the drive across California and Nevada was beautiful, and after passing a gazillion traffic cones, we arrived in Salt Lake City. To blend in with the locals, I treated myself to a double bacon burger & french fries.  I feel bloated, but I think it is working. Next stop: Kearney, Nebraska.

Visiting us in Zurich

We will be in Zurich from July through September.  Wanna visit?  Let us know when you’d like to make the trek so we can make space for you.

New Year’s Day 2010

Mark your calendars.  We will be celebrating our new marriage over New Years!  Stay tunes for location details.  Our current best guess is a cabin on a river or in the mountains.  Let us know if you have any ideas.