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We took Cosmo for a walk around our neighborhood in Thalwil, a suburb ten minutes from central Zürich.  In many ways, this place reminds us of home: it’s beautiful, close to the city, and rural enough to keep us grounded.  OK, we have cows in the neighborhood, so maybe it’s a bit more rural than […]

Zurich: So nice, we had to visit twice

We’re back in Switzerland for another extended stay. This time, we brought Cosmo, who has already mastered the art of riding the train without getting his tail stepped on.


We decided to spend our our last weekend in Europe soaking in the hot baths of Budapest.  We loved this city more than we could have imagined.  Beautiful, fascinating, and relaxing, all at once.


We’ve been negligent in posting pictures from the last half of our 2009 European Adventure, but now that it’s the Thanksgiving weekend, we figure there’s no excuse.  Here’s the first in a series of belated photo montages: Vienna, home of the world’s best pastries!

Halloween 2009

We spent Halloween with Aaron and Kate at Kate’s parent place.  You know it’s a party when someone breaks out the mullet wig.


The weather forecast called for rain all weekend, so rather head all the way to the Alps and risk a whiteout, we visited Säntis, a spectacular mountain in the Appenzeller region.  We took the gondola to the top, and hiked around amid the sheep, the beautiful flowers, and the spectacular yet elusive scenery.

Rhine Falls

At 450′ wide and 75′ high, and flows around 1,000 m3 per second, the Rhile Falls are big.  We tried picking a route through the rocks and chaos, but it seemed pretty hard to fathom running the falls in either a raft or a kayak.  Of course some crazy fools have run it but that […]

Swimming the Limmat

One of the best ways to spend a hot summer day in Zurich is swimming in the Limmat river.  It flows out of Lake Zurich, right through downtown, so it couldn’t be easier to get to.  The water is cool but not freezing, deep enough that you never touch bottom, and clean enough that you […]

The best attraction in Winterthur

We weren’t exactly thrilled with our trip to Winterthur, but we did snap this gem.  Not a total loss.

Planning for New Year’s 2010 underway

Save the date for a California style wedding reception with our favorite family and friends. See you on Thursday, December 31st through Sunday, January 3rd. Feel free to join us for some or all of the festivities. More details to follow.